May 23rd 2016

By The Numbers: A Beginners Guide To Food Intake

How to Estimate Caloric Needs and Meeting (and keeping) your goals for the New Year. A lot of you have a particular goal for the New Year. Some may want to lose weight, while others want to put on a few pounds... Let's jump right in to the numbers! Grab a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator. First, determine your activity level and if you would like to maintain, lose, or gain weight. Multiply one of these numbers from the chart below by your body weight in pounds and you will get a number of …
May 23rd 2016 | Adam Keichel

Simple. Sweet. Effective. PURE CLA by JBN

The age old question of “What’s the difference between L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine?” has surfaced recently by one of our customers while visiting our showroom last Wednesday. This is a great question. To make it as easily as possible to understand, let’s take a closer look at each nutrient and break down their key roles in the body to help you decide which would best suite you for your specific goals.L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that plays a vital role transporting fatty acids f …
May 23rd 2016 | Adam Keichel

Is Fiber Shred™ The Next Super Supplement?

Fiber Shred™ is a stimulant free, fiber and fat metabolizing supplement designed to help flush your body of harmful toxins leaving you feel rejuvenated from the inside out. With trademark Fibersol and a healthy dose of CLA, Fiber Shred™ can be incorporated into any supplement regimen to boost results of your hard work.The backbone to what makes Fiber Shred™ a staple supplement right along with your daily multivitamins.Fibersol™ a trademark fiber that boosts your daily dietary intake for optimal …
Apr 8th 2016 | George Sobetsky

5 Gym Etiquette Rules To Live By: Are You Breaking Any Of These?

I’m writing this article due to the overwhelming lack of gym etiquette that is seen in fitness facilities today! Facilities usually post a list of “friendly reminders” at the entrance and throughout the weight room. These may range from a simple “please wipe down equipment when finished” to the insane “no grunting or actually working hard enough to intimidate anyone” that we have seen from that purple planet where gains go to die (if you didn’t get that one, ask). Most of these rules and r …
6 Easy Steps To Help Diminish Joint Pain
Mar 29th 2016

6 Easy Steps To Help Diminish Joint Pain

Are troublesome or painful joints keeping you from your favorite activities or exercises? In a National Survey, about one-third of adults say they experience joint pain within a 30 day cycle and joint issues only become more common as you get older (WebMD). Joint pain or discomfort is the result of injury in the tendons or ligaments surrounding the joint or can even be related to arthritis. Joint pain can also be associated with and bring about inflammation at the site of the pain. The ult …