Apr 9th 2021 | Jay Honstetter

Effective Outdoor Exercises For Those Who Love The Sun

Winter’s finally wrapping up and it’s time to unravel that New Year’s Resolution you made a few months back and take it outdoors. The days are getting longer, the snow’s melting away, and warmer weather is on the rise. Hopefully a bad case of cabin fever hasn’t put you down for the count, because we have the perfect outdoor exercises to make the most of the coming spring weather.Benefits of Exercising OutdoorsExercising outside in the sun has many benefits. For one, no equipment is required. Tha …
Apr 9th 2021 | Jay Honstetter

Dream Support

In a world full of fast-paced action, multi-tasking, news overload, and constant work, we often forget about the importance of the ever elusive good night’s sleep. We know the old adage, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” but why not get some sleep while we’re still alive and reap the benefits?Sleep has significant effects on our brains and cognitive abilities. Sleep deprivation leads to a lack of concentration, productivity and cognition. If we want to perform to the best of our abilities, we need to …
Apr 8th 2021 | Daniel Cho

Supercharged Pre-Workout

My name is Daniel Cho, and I am a professional ballet dancer. Our work days are quite rigorous; we start with an hour and a half class to warm up our muscles, and then we rehearse various pieces for the next 5 hours for any upcoming performances. It’s really crucial for me to fuel my body with the proper nourishment to help my stamina and performance. I’ve found that the use of a pre-workout supplement helps me get through the day, especially when my muscles are fatig …
Mar 12th 2021 | Sarah Wright

Fiber: The Key to Weight Management

Fiber: The Key to Weight ManagementYou’ve made it to your ideal weight. Now what? There’s a great deal of emphasis and resources on getting to that magic number on the scale, to a healthy BMI, back into your favorite jeans, and to a place of looking and feeling your best. But after getting “it,” whatever “it” is for you, what’s the next step? What needs to be the game plan?It’s easy to fall into the trap of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in by slacking off from your routine, …
Dec 10th 2020 | Sarah Wright

​Advice For The Active New Mom

Congratulations! You made it through months of head-turning body changes...months of nesting...and months of imagining life after your baby arrives. Now you’re on the other side. Taking in all the big changes that this little life has brought....including your new body shape. It’s a far cry from where you were 9 months ago. Don’t worry. You can safely get back to your strong, toned figure.Why You Should Start Getting Active AgainYou may be drained of energy from late-nig …