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How to give your Immune System a Boost: Exercise, Sleep, Immune Support, and More

Keeping your immune system strong year-round is key to maintaining your health, being productive, and staying active during all four seasons. Boosting immunity tends to come up more often during the winter months - with good reason, it’s when most people tend to get sick - but if you stay on top of your health twelve months out of the year then you may be able to avoid coming down with any ailment at all (for the most part!).

Here are some tips for keeping your immune system in check!

For Starters, Don’t Smoke

The consequences of smoking cigarettes amount to so many illnesses and adverse effects it’s amazing anyone does it at all. Smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, respiratory tract infections, weakened immune system, stroke, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Get Some Sleep

Whenever you’re sick the first thing you need to do is rest, right? There is an undeniable link between sleep and immunity and maintaining a healthy sleep routine is a great way to fend off colds and other infections. Inadequate sleep weakens your immunity and can make you more susceptible to seasonal bugs.

JBN’s Immune Support Dietary Supplement

Incorporating the right vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your diet is a great way to keep your immune system functioning so you can live an active lifestyle without interruption. JBN’s Immune Support is the perfect combination of vitamin-C, zinc, magnesium, and l-glutamine to keep you strong and healthy. This nutritional supplement offers the perfect blend of essentials for eliminating toxins, fighting free-radicals, boosting nutrient absorption, and optimizing REM sleep.


Does exercise really boost immunity? Well, let’s consider some benefits of being physically active - lower blood pressure, healthy weight control, improved cardiovascular health, reduced inflammation, and aiding in immune cell regeneration. The answer is yes, moderate exercise protects against numerous diseases while boosting your immune system and helping you maintain your overall health. But you already knew that!


Drinking water doesn’t necessarily boost your immune system on its own, but allowing yourself to become dehydrated leads to headaches, poor performance levels, reduced focus, and weakened heart and kidney function - all side effects that will weaken your immunity. Be sure to drink water any time you’re thirsty and avoid sweetened teas, juices, and sodas.

Reduce Stress Levels

Both high and prolonged stress are tied to poor immunity because they cause inflammation in the body that leads to an imbalance in the way immune cells perform. This ultimately suppresses your immunity and makes you more vulnerable to illness and disease. Exercising, mediating, journaling, listening to music, yoga, and talking to a therapist are great ways of reducing stress and balancing your system.

Keeping your immune system strong is mandatory for living a long healthy life. Taking these simple steps combined with a healthy well-rounded diet, while limiting sugar and alcohol, will lead to stronger immunity and better overall health. A healthy lifestyle is requisite for happy living and a productive existence. Keep yourself moving with these tips, and visit the JBN website for more health tips and supplements to keep yourself strong.

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