Mar 29th 2016 | Adam Keichel

ATTENTION: Your Plant Based Protein Doesn't Have To Taste Like The Stuff It Was Grown In!

Plant-based diets enrich our bodies with powerful antioxidants and phyto-chemicals that can actually protect us against certain types of disease such as cancer. You may have heard a nutritionist say that it’s important to “eat the rainbow”... That's just a fun way to say foods that are rich in colors, such as blueberries or strawberries, represent a predominant nutrient in that particular food. For example, Yellow (like a yellow pepper) is rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for our …
5 Foam Rolling Essentials To Take Your Mobility & Recovery To The Next Level!
Mar 18th 2016 | Adam Keichel

5 Foam Rolling Essentials To Take Your Mobility & Recovery To The Next Level!

I’m sure you have seen foam rollers of various shapes and sizes in the gym and people flopping around on them like fish out of water, not really sure of the proper way to use them. Foam rollers are used primarily for self-myofascial release. That more or less translates to “self massage” meaning we are compressing the muscle/tendon to get rid of soft tissue adhesions or scar tissue. This is safer and easier than stretching! Performing self-myofascial release will increase performance, …
Mar 4th 2016 | Adam Keichel

3 Basic Kettle Bell Moves To Burn More Fat During Your Workout!

The beginner's guide to kettle bell swings: Most commercial gyms and nearly all private gyms have kettlebells available for the members to use. Kettlebells can be a very effective tool in strengthening and fat burning when used correctly. They offer an efficient way to transition from one movement to another without changing weights or machines. Kettlebells are not for everyone and will take some training to understand the movements and remain injury-free. I will go over this important move …
Feb 22nd 2016 | Adam Keichel

3 Benefits of Selenium That You Wish You Would Have Known About Sooner!

There is a long list of advantages supplementing with Selenium brings to the table. Too many to list for a quick read in fact... We’re going to keep this short and sweet so you’ll know right off the bat if Selenium is something that you may want to start incorporating into your daily nutritional regimen. Selenium is a trace mineral found in some foods, soil and water. As populations have grown exponentially over the last few decades, agriculture has been forced to keep up. Science has di …