Apr 5th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

The Impact of Stress on Your Training and How to Keep it in Check

While not all stress will negatively impact your workout game, too much stress has the capacity to wind it down and grind it to a halt! On a regular day you may have challenges at work, or meetings that run too long, or maybe someone ate your lunch… whatever it may be, and getting to the gym and sweating it out is almost euphoric. But when stress becomes chronic and you’re constantly worrying and unable to relax it’s going to throw you off.How Stress Affects Your Body:● Causes Fatigue - Stress a …
Apr 5th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

Conditional Exercising - Different Workouts for Every Season

Every season is an opportunity for change, and a chance to freshen things up. Every three months (or about that!) the weather changes, the color of the leaves go from green to red to yellow, the food we eat is altered by the shifts in temperatures, and our bodies need to adjust to all of these modifications, as slight as they may seem.So why not adjust your exercise habits with each season? This is a great opportunity for people who feel their routine is getting stale, or for anyone who spends a …
Mar 15th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

Alcohol and Its Effects on Your Fitness Goals

Alcohol has the same effect on our fitness goals as it does on any of our other goals - that’s to say, it’s not great. But does that mean we have to give up alcohol completely to hit our target? Not exactly.Alcohol in moderation is like anything else, keep it under control and the consequences are fairly minimal. But if you’re drinking excessively, this is where the problems start. Excessive drinking on the surface is subjective, but it tends to be defined as having 8-15 drinks in a week, or mor …
Mar 11th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

Is it Leg Day? The Best Exercises to Maximize Your Leg Workout

Skipping leg day is so common it almost comes off as a joke when someone mentions it. But there are so many people hitting the gym, trying to lose weight or build muscle, that ignore the fact that there’s a whole other half of their body below the waist that requires the same amount of attention when you’re working towards your fitness goals. It’s comical when you’re at the gym and you see someone lifting heavy weights until their arms look like they’re going to burst, but then they have twigs f …
Feb 9th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

Starting a New Workout and How to Stick to It

New Year’s Day has come and gone, and that resolution to get to work on a new exercise routine either has you on the fast track to a successful year, or questioning why you once again chose a commitment that you just can’t keep. But don’t lose hope, it may seem hard to stick to your goals now, but we’ve got some tips to help you get back in the game and turn your ambitions into a reality.Exercising everyday can be hard, but the benefits are undeniable - it helps you feel good, keeps you healthy, …