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How to Prepare to Run a Marathon - Training, Diet, and Radical Fuel

Running a marathon is no easy task, especially if you’re new to the idea and contemplating it as a goal to lose weight, be healthier, or get in better overall shape - all great ideas! But waking up one morning, lacing up a pair of sneakers, and heading out to that 5k with no prior planning is not the way to do it. Without proper training and preparation, you can easily injure yourself, faint, and/or simply give up without ever giving it a real chance. An estimated twelve weeks of training is the go-to method for preparing, combined with a proper diet, and taking the best supplements for endurance and recovery.

Here are five tips to get yourself ready to run a marathon for the first time:

1. Start by Running Three to Four Times a Week, Increasing the Distance Week After Week.

To get started, set a schedule to run three to four times a week without overdoing it. This means set a reasonable goal of one to one and a half miles the first week and add a mile or half-mile each additional week. Ideally, you’ll set a goal for running five to six miles max by the end of your training. Of course be sure to stretch both before and after running, this helps get your muscles limber and speeds up recovery time.

2. Incorporate Strength Training

Building muscle and increasing strength helps with better posture, balancing your system, and reduced risk of injury. Many runners neglect strength training which is a shame because of its many benefits. Try planks, push-ups, weights, sit-ups, lunges, or squats, and do this twice a week. Overall your endurance levels will go up and you’ll feel great. It will reduce the amount of oxygen you need to produce energy by improving lung and heart health, allowing air to move through your bloodstream more efficiently.

3. Use the Right Supplements for Strength and Endurance - Radical Fuel

While strength and endurance training are key elements to preparing for a marathon, taking the right natural supplements to improve your performance adds an extra layer of preparedness to your plan. Radical Fuel is a high-performance vitamin and mineral formula that works to increase endurance during any intense training session. The magnesium and calcium work to hydrate your cells allowing you to train longer and harder. Vitamins C, D & E work to help transport nutrients throughout your muscles benefiting coordination and reflexes, while preventing tissue damage - this results in less cramping and soreness, and leads to faster recovery from intense exercise.

4. Eat the Right Foods

Being sure to eat a balanced diet that incorporates plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods to keep your energy up is a great way to ensure your body is fueled and

ready for training. Allowing your glycogen to drop too low will result in slowing you down significantly. Have a good balance of carbs and calories in your system for energy.

5. Get the Right Gear

Not all sneakers are created equally. Do your research and get a good pair of running shoes to avoid shin splints and other painful side-effects of lacking good support. Also a good pair of socks, moisture-wicking clothing, a water bottle - the JBN Shaker Bottle for smoothies, and Krank’d Water Bottle for water are designed for easy transport - and sunglasses or a visor to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Preparing for a marathon is no walk in the park, it’s more of an intense run around the park 30 times! Using these tips to prepare for at least 12 weeks is a great way to get your body ready, and be in the best shape of your life. For more information on the best endurance and strength supplements browse the JBN site, and join our newsletter.

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