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Lifting Weights for Beginners

New to the weight lifting game? Haven’t even started? Never even considered it?! Weight lifting can be rewarding in many ways - it’s not limited to bulking up, though you can do that if you so desire. Lifting weights contributes to weight loss, strengthens your muscles, increases your stamina, improves heart health, raises metabolism, and makes you stronger. So why wouldn’t you want to incorporate lifting weights into your workout routine?

Here are some tips for setting your new weightlifting goals in motion!

Always Warm Up

Prepping your muscles before digging in is always a good idea. Be sure to do some full-body stretches, maybe a little jogging, and some jump rope before you start lifting. Warming up your joints, bones, and muscles will lead to an overall better workout.

Start Light

There’s no need to grab the heaviest weights in the room when you’re a beginner. In fact, you’ll probably just hurt yourself if you do. Choose lighter weights that you can lift 10-15 times for three reps without losing your form. With time it’ll get easier and you can add another rep or two.

Increase Weight

Once you get comfortable with the current weight you’re lifting it’s a good idea to gradually increase it. Consider adding 5-10 lbs., while continuing to use the same techniques as when you started - raising your reps until you feel it’s time to add more weight.


This might sound a little ridiculous because who forgets to breathe, right? But many people tend to hold their breath while doing something strenuous, and lifting weights is no exception. It’s easy to do if you’re not thinking about it, so always focus on your breathing while doing any exercise. Holding your breath will make you tire fast, and can even cause you to get dizzy or pass out.

Post-Lifting Stretching

The benefits of stretching can’t be stressed enough! Both before and after a workout it’s always a good idea to stretch. This will help increase flexibility, avoid injury, and ease any muscle tension. A five to ten-minute stretch can be crucial to keeping your body in check.

Rest Days

It’s very important to incorporate rest days into your regimen to avoid injury, and give your muscles a rest. Especially when first starting out, you may be fired up and eager to keep lifting, but if you work yourself too hard you can cause injury. What could have been a 24-hour resting period turns into two weeks of sitting on the bench!

Incorporate Protein Supplements into your Diet

Protein is key to muscle repair and when you’re lifting weights you’re going to want all the help you can get! Be sure to check out JBN’s inventory of protein supplements including Whey SuperiorConfidence, and Growtein.

We hope this little guide helps you get started on a long and successful weight lifting journey! And remember, it’s always best to consult with a medical professional prior to starting a new workout routine. Good luck, and happy lifting!

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