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Whey Superior Protein Shake

My name is Daniel Cho and I am a professional ballet dancer. As a male dancer, our job description involves high stamina cardio and lifting our female partners. Most people are surprised to learn how important it is for us to cross-train and workout outside of our day to day. I work out at the gym 2-3 times a week, incorporating both cardio and weight training into my exercise regimen. I have found that drinking a protein shake after these workouts aid in both muscle growth and recovery.

I usually pick generic protein powder brands purely out of convenience. I was excited to try the JBN Whey Superior Protein Shake, at first just because of their unique variety of flavors: Mocha Latte, Oatmeal Cookie, Cookies & Cream, just to name a few. I had the opportunity to try the Chocolate Truffle, and it honestly was the most delicious protein shake I ever had. The powder itself smelled much sweeter than the taste, but it really did taste like a Chocolate Truffle without being overly sweet or saccharine. The product promised that there would be no clumping and it would be easy to mix, and that definitely was my experience. The powder blended easily with the milk, while other protein powders I’ve tried take forever to mix and still somehow leave clumps at the bottom.

I have to say that the JBN Whey Superior Protein Shake not only delivered on the taste, but also on the results. I saw a marked difference in my muscle mass the next couple of days, and I felt my muscles recover quicker after my workouts. Other protein shakes I’ve tried make me feel bloated and not great, but this product left me with a very clean feeling. The high quality ingredients and the attention to how they created the formula was evident in both the taste of the product as well as its effects. I would recommend this to anybody looking for the benefits of a clean, delicious protein shake as a pre or post workout supplement.

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