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Supercharged Pre-Workout

My name is Daniel Cho, and I am a professional ballet dancer. Our work days are quite rigorous; we start with an hour and a half class to warm up our muscles, and then we rehearse various pieces for the next 5 hours for any upcoming performances. It’s really crucial for me to fuel my body with the proper nourishment to help my stamina and performance. I’ve found that the use of a pre-workout supplement helps me get through the day, especially when my muscles are fatigued.

I had the opportunity to try out the Supercharged Pre-Workout supplement from Pump'd Labs. You’ll find that other pre-workout supplements are heavily dosed with ingredients like creatine, taurine, caffeine, etc. but this one has a pretty unique breakdown of ingredients. Some of them include AGMASS™, a molecule affecting the metabolic output in cells, Teacrine, a compound that increases mental clarity and cognitive function without affecting heart rate, and VASO6, an ingredient found in green tea that affects nitric oxide production in the body. Given this unconventional list of ingredients, I was curious to see what my experience would be like with this pre-workout supplement. I found that this supplement greatly enhanced my physical and mental performance without making me feel uneasy and jittery. I took it about 20 minutes before physical activity, and it had a nice sour and tart lemonade taste without leaving an overly artificial flavor in my mouth. A lot of my muscles were quite sore from the day prior, but I felt like this supplement sped up the reaction time of my body to be quicker and more instantaneous. The biggest positive I have to say about this product is how clear my mind felt while using it. I could still pick up all the steps and exercises while still in control of my enhanced physical performance, unlike other supplements that make me feel uncontrollably jittery. The unique ingredients made this pre-workout supplement one that enhanced my physical performance without sacrificing my mental clarity and focus.

The one thing I would point out is that a single serving size (2 scoops) is about 420 mg of caffeine. For someone like me who doesn’t take pre workouts too frequently, I used one scoop and found that was the perfect amount. Depending on how frequently you use pre-workouts, I would recommend adjusting the serving size accordingly since a single serving size contains a potent amount of caffeine. I enjoyed my experience with the Supercharged Pre-Workout, and hope that it can aid your physical and mental performance as well!

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