Radical Fuel™ Unflavored

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  • Radical Fuel™ Unflavored


  • Have more fulfilling workouts from increased endurance
  • Highly-effective blend for maximum absorption into the muscle
  • Mixes easily into any pre or during workout drink
  • Great for any healthy male or female looking for more out of their workouts


Train harder, longer and with more intensity.

Radical Fuel by JBN is a high-performance vitamin and mineral formula designed to increase stamina during the most difficult training sessions you can think of. Radical Fuel accomplishes this by super saturating the muscle with Calcium and Magnesium Lactates to hydrate cells, buffer lactic acid buildup to help push through the “burn” and protect nerve function and responsiveness as well as heart health.

What our customers are saying about Radical Fuel

Why we made Radical Fuel


Our Athletes came to us looking for a solution to not only help them combat cramping and muscle spasms but also fatigue and lack of endurance. After researching the root cause of this, we came up with a formula that been the backbone of our customers supplement regime for the last 3 decades. No matter what level of athlete you are, Radical Fuel is engineered to set your body up with vitamins and minerals dedicated to help you achieve peak workout performance

Ingredient Breakdown

Magnesium and calcium lactates noticeably raise the lactate threshold, or "burn" point within muscles, extending your ability to perform when fatigued.


Ultimately helping you push past what you though was your limit.

Vitamins C, D & E help transport nutrients throughout muscle cells, aiding in coordination and reflexes. These powerful antioxidants also prevent tissue damage from free radicals, resulting in less cramping, soreness and an overall quicker recovery from intense exercise.

Supplement facts

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    Radical Fuel

    Posted by ranaldo penha on Dec 18th 2016

    I always get the unflavored so that I can mix it with whatever I want. I currently mix 1 serving with krankd body fuel and BCAA to drink during my workouts. I mix another serving with Elite v.2 and L. Glutamine and drink that before my workout

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    Soreness Relief

    Posted by Jordan on May 30th 2015

    This product tastes great and helps me when I'm sore from a workout or everyday activities. I find Radical essential to grind through the end of my workouts when I start to feel sore or fatigued.