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Conditional Exercising - Different Workouts for Every Season

Every season is an opportunity for change, and a chance to freshen things up. Every three months (or about that!) the weather changes, the color of the leaves go from green to red to yellow, the food we eat is altered by the shifts in temperatures, and our bodies need to adjust to all of these modifications, as slight as they may seem.

So why not adjust your exercise habits with each season? This is a great opportunity for people who feel their routine is getting stale, or for anyone who spends a lot of time training outdoors. Maybe the idea of running a few miles at the track when it’s 95 degrees and humid doesn’t appeal to everyone, and doing a power walk when the sidewalk is covered in a layer of ice might lead to a trip to the emergency room - which doesn’t sound enticing to anyone!

Here are some ways to freshen up your workout with each season, keeping things interesting and giving you a chance to try something new.


When it comes to the winter season the first thing that comes to mind is the post-holiday New Year’s resolution to lose weight. The second thing is the freezing cold temperatures and dreary weather that can quickly squash all the motivation you had when you made that resolution. But don’t give up! For the colder months stay indoors. A stationary bike is a great way to get some cardio, or even a small step machine. And dumbbells are a great way to work your muscles - they come in many different weights/sizes and are perfect for strength exercises. And if you’re looking for something different, consider yoga, tai-chi or Pilates.


Probably the most rejuvenating of the seasons - the days get longer, the temperature rises, trees begin to bloom, the snow melts away - spring is a great time to kick your outdoor routine into gear. Go for a jog or a run, ride your bike, or gather some friends for some team sports. From March to June is really the best time to dig yourself out of the winter slump, and really ramp things up for your fitness routine and goals.


Summer can be a difficult time for some, while others who enjoy the heat may have a whole different outlook. But the idea of overheating, losing your breath quickly, or experiencing heat stroke and dehydration is counterproductive to meeting your fitness goals. If you are someone who enjoys the heat and can keep up running outdoors, be sure to hydrate often and repeatedly. Otherwise, move it indoors to an air-conditioned gym, or try something new like swimming. Swimming laps is one of the best workouts for your body - not to mention a killer cardio activity. If you like to take it easy in the summer, consider some of the lighter exercises we mentioned for winter - yoga, tai-chi, or Pilates.


Fall, much like spring, can be another season of rejuvenation. The hot summer days have come to an end, the kids are back at school, the weather provides some crisp days, and the colors of the leaves are soft and relaxing to look at. Take a walk through some nature trails, get on your bike and explore, take in all the season has to offer before winter sneaks in and buries everything in snow!

With every season there’s a way to keep your routine going, and keep it fresh. Don’t let the weather discourage you from sticking to your goals. Each season offers a new opportunity to adjust your workout and discover new ways of keeping yourself in shape.

And of course, with any new routine or diet, it’s always best to consult a medical professional.

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