Jul 14th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

Training - How to Know You're Overdoing It

Exercise is good for you. We all know this. Countless studies have proven it, instructors ingrain it in our brains, and, maybe most importantly, we feel great after training sessions. A regular 40-60 minutes a day is what most health professionals recommend, but even 15 minutes can help fend off debilitating diseases, and prolong our lives. But what happens when we over-do it, or become addicted to training and it starts negatively affecting our lives? Much like anything else, people can get add …
Jun 28th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

How to Exercise When you Suffer from Knee Pain

Whenever you experience any type of pain, it’s usually a signal that something is wrong. When it comes to knee pain, it is something that can last days, weeks, months or even years if not treated correctly. Knee pain occurs when cartilage in the joint deteriorates, you have osteoarthritis, or you’ve sustained an injury that never completely healed. While the pain involved might dissuade you from exercising, a complete lack of movement can be the worst thing for you. Much like dealing with back p …
Mar 15th 2022 | Jay Honstetter

Alcohol and Its Effects on Your Fitness Goals

Alcohol has the same effect on our fitness goals as it does on any of our other goals - that’s to say, it’s not great. But does that mean we have to give up alcohol completely to hit our target? Not exactly.Alcohol in moderation is like anything else, keep it under control and the consequences are fairly minimal. But if you’re drinking excessively, this is where the problems start. Excessive drinking on the surface is subjective, but it tends to be defined as having 8-15 drinks in a week, or mor …