May 24th 2016

JBN’s 5 Tips to Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

At JBN, we are all about fitness and healthy living. Many of our customers come into our store looking to gain lean muscle mass. It is our philosophy to only sell the highest quality all-natural supplements to better improve your performance and goals. As many are aware, some body builders take their workouts too far, with these 5 tips you will see that is not necessary in order to gain muscle mass, while also sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Growtein

Have you heard about JBN’s Growtein powder? If you are looking for a lean mass gainer without tons of unnecessary calories, this is just the protein for you. You are sure to bulk up with only lean muscle mass as this contains only 200 calories with 30 grams of protein, it is made from a combination of whey concentrate and isolate, a whole serving of creatine, L-glutamine and BCAA’s. In addition, the combination of creatine, L-glutamine, and BCAA’s are added to ensure optimum muscle recovery and prevent protein breakdown within the muscles. Looking to add more calories? How about adding an extra scoop of your favorite JBN Whey Superior Series with a splash of your favorite milk of your choice for a delicious, nutrient-dense post workout milkshake!

2. Train with a Partner

Sometimes all we need is a little push to get ourselves out of bed and to the gym. Finding someone that shares the same workout goals as you can help you form a healthy competitive attitude that takes your performance to the next level. Incorporating a friend into your can increase your ability add extra weight, try an ab workout that requires a partner or just push your friendly competitive spirit.

3. Choose Foods that Give the Most “Bang for Your Buck”

What does this mean? Choose calorie and nutrient-dense foods. When trying to bulk up, it is important to be taking in enough calories to support the exercise you are doing. You may find yourself hungry all the time, and it is important to listen to these hunger cues. Foods such as avocados, quinoa, fatty fish (i.e. salmon, tuna), peanut butter, hummus, beans and legumes, are all examples of some healthy calorie and nutrient-dense foods. Do not forget, JBN offers countless delicious protein powder flavors that can combine with some of your favorite foods to make protein shakes and smoothies for when sitting down and eating just is not practical.

4. Plan Ahead

Achieving your goals of adding lean muscle mass is easiest to do when you plan ahead. In this fast paced world, it is hard to keep up with everything. Planning your workout schedule and meal prepping are time savers. At the end of every week, take Sunday to cook ahead and portion out your food. Have the proper ingredients for your daily shakes washed and ready to go for easy access, is also a key element. As well as, keeping a calendar of your daily workouts for the month makes it easier to know what day is dedicated to what body parts need a little pump. Being organized saves time.

5. Add a Nighttime Snack of Casein

Many people trying to gain lean mass complain they are unable too, and find themselves starving over night or as soon as they wake up. As we sleep, we continue to burn calories through the night and burn energy stores. JBN offers the most high quality casein protein to drink before bedtime that's acts as a slow releasing protein to replenish your muscles with amino acids all through the night. This also helps with the mid-night munchies or early morning hunger pains.

Hopefully now it is easier to see where adding in JBN's Growtein and Casein to your usually protein regimented diet, while staying organized and planning ahead will make increasing lean muscle mass a breeze.

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