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6 Extraordinary Benefits of Whole Colostrum

Whole Bovine Colostrum is the first milking protein given to calves once they are born. The first few hours a few liters are reserved to produce the colostrum that you can purchase in the powder form.

Why Powder Form?

Simply put! Powder form is utilized better in the human body "bioavailability"compared to that of compressed chewable or pill form. When you compress or place colostrum in pill form you can negatively affect it's components due to extra heating. The powder form also contains much higher concentration of immuno-globulins compared to human colostrum.

Colostrum Components….Breaking it all down?

-Immuno-globulins: A, D, E, G, and M which neutralize toxins and microbes, destroys bacteria, and are highly antiviral.

-Lactoferrin: Antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

-PRPs: Proline-Rich Polypeptides stimulate or "strengthen" a underactive immune system or "calm" an overactive immune system as seen in rheumatoid arthritis or allergies to name a few.

-Growth Factors: T-Cell Production increases assisting in healing, increase muscle and bone growth, balance blood glucose, reduce insulin need, and metabolize fat for fuel.

-Bio Active Peptides: Assisted in quicker recovery and aid in building muscle.

-Friendly Flora: Aid in digestion and reduce harmful bacteria in the intestine.

Who can take Bovine Colostrum and how much?

Colostrum has been demonstrated to be safe without any drug interactions or side effects. We can supplement our diet with 1-2 grams twice daily. Colostrum is currently used for viral illnesses, allergies, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, weight loss, athletic stress, gut health (assisting in Amino Acid and Carbohydrate uptake in the intestine), and wound healing. PRPs assist in regulating allergic response hence; this is safe for people with “lactose intolerance” up to 12 grams/day.

What do I mix it with?

You can mix Colostrum in virtually anything! Place it in you yogurt, pudding, smoothie, and coffee. A better choice is to add it in one of JBN's proteins such as their Whey Superior, Whey Isolate, or Growtein to make one "Powerful Smoothie or Shake"

So the Question is... Why are you not taking it?

Try Colostrum risk free for 30 days. If you don't notice an overall improvement in recovery time and a strengthened immune system, give us a call and we'll refund you!

J. Stone has 14 years experience in the health and wellness field with 10 of those years in the clinical arena. From fitting, casting, and splinting bone fractures to nutrition coaching, sports supplementing and personal training. He has numerous certifications one being a certified Precision Nutrition Coach and Stone is currently studying for ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) certification. 

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