Earth Superior Veggie™ Sample Pack (2 cups)

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  • Earth Superior Veggie™ Sample Pack (2 cups)



Plant Based- Pea & Rice Protein Like You’ve Never Tasted Before

Product Highlights/Effective Ingredients

1. Pea and Rice protein can be taken by anyone, at any age, at any fitness level in place of or as a substitute to whey protein.

2. Alternate protein sources such as rice and pea (like in our Earth Superior Veggie) have virtually no allergens or GMO’s. Making it perfect for people with gluten allergies and other food sensitivities to use and consume without any of the harsh side effects.

3. You’re still getting all of your naturally occurring BCAA’s for muscle growth that you typically get from whey protein. Pea and rice protein sources reach as high as 90% pure protein.


What is Earth Superior Veggie

To get the best out of what you want you have to put the best in. That’s our philosophy behind our Earth Superior Veggie Protein Blend. Made from a high-quality pea and rice protein source, Earth Superior fuels your active lifestyle — all in one mouth-watering scoop.

Pea and rice protein by themselves have incomplete amino acid profiles, but together, they make up one of the best sources of natural muscle fuel on the planet! Best of all, anyone can use it. It’s easy on your stomach and your taste buds. Enjoy anytime, day or night!


How to use

Earth Superior Veggie is the perfect companion to any nutritional shake or smoothie to give you a full-bodied yet easy-on-your-taste-buds flavor. Earth Superior Veggie is also a great way to fuel your body after a workout too. It easily blends in a shaker cup with just water and ice!




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    Earth Superior Veggie

    Posted by Travis on Dec 16th 2021

    For a Veggie Protein it mixes very well (comparatively speaking) and the flavor was well above average. Felt satiated after drinking. Also, I went fairly hard at the gym this week, and felt I recovered well.