Dream Support - 60 Servings

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  • Dream Support - 60 Servings


 Dream Support by JBN helps the body slip into a zen-like state by gently elevating Melatonin production in the body, leading to deep, rejuvenating REM sleep. With 3 other sleep and relaxation supporting herbs and botanicals, Dream Support is sure to give you a slumber like no other!

Melatonin is a naturally occurring amino acid tied to our body's natural internal clock’s sleep cycles. The rise of Melatonin happens naturally when darkness falls and decreases naturally by light, preparing the body for the awake-state. When we have low Melatonin reserves, we might find it difficult to fall asleep. Thus supplementation is often desired for better sleep.

With the addition of L-Theanine, which has shown to help promote relaxation without the drowsy feeling, Passion Flower which acts like a mild sedative and Valerian Root which helps sleeplessness by acting as a mild sedative on the brain and nervous system, Dream Support makes this non-addictive herbal supplement a favorite among doctors and customers alike!  

Key Points

  • Helps the body relax by elevating the body's natural balance of melatonin

  • Won’t slow Metabolism like many prescription sleep aids

  • Easy to use, no habit forming formula helps you feel rejuvenated

  • Potent combination of natural herbs and botanicals tied to relaxation

  • Formulated for healthy adults who want deep, restful sleep

  • 60 all natural herbal supplement caps