Sep 23rd 2016

​There is a solution to cramping that puts an end to your workout!

We could not believe our ears when we heard people are consuming pickle juice during their workouts to help lessen the effects of muscular cramps. Yuck! Was this really a trend within the realm of fitness enthusiasts? Were others suggesting this as their “secret” to battle muscle cramps?

The research soon began…

We started to look into this phenomenon, and we found that it was in fact really truly something athletes were indulging in. It is common knowledge among the users that the sodium levels in the juice helps combat excessive lactic acid build up in the body. Science shows us that sodium is a vital component of helping to balance electrolytes in our bodies, but there had to be more to this since high levels of sodium cause the opposite effect and dehydrate our bodies. So we dug a little deeper. . .

Through extensive research, we found some evidence that the real reason why pickle juice may be effective is because of the vinegar used in the pickling process.

It's believed that the vinegar triggers a reflex that alerts our brains to tell our muscles to stop contracting and relax, and the muscle cramping is reduced as soon as the vinegar touches receptors in the mouth.”(source).

While this is a great solution to the problem, what is not are the extra ingredients in the pickle jar. It would be healthier to just sip on vinegar and salt in a water bottle, but who wants to do that? Especially long term . . . athletes is Radical Fuel. With a total of just 5 ingredients, three of which are vitamins and two that are essential in the makeup of electrolytes.

Our answer, to this trending fad is Radical Fuel. An athlete's choice for better recovery. Providing superior cellular hydration along with nerve and heart protection through Calcium and Magnesium Lactates and essential Vitamins. Radical Fuel™ is a simple but extremely effective recovery tool to help you perform at your very best. Always allowing you to bring your a-game. It is easy to consume, easy to take with you anywhere and the serving size is user friendly. It also comes in 4 delicious flavors Watermelon, Cherry Limeade, Pink Lemonade & Unflavored (Sorry no pickle flavor)!

The Ingredients:

  • 1. Magnesium and calcium lactates noticeably raise the lactate threshold, or "burn" point within muscles, extending your ability to perform when fatigued.
  • 2. Vitamins C, D & E help transport nutrients throughout muscle cells, aiding in coordination and reflexes. These powerful antioxidants also prevent tissue damage from free radicals, resulting in less cramping, soreness and an overall quicker recovery from intense exercise.

We have worked with 100’s of athletes of all different fitness levels and the consensus is that Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or, DOMS for short, is present in everyone at every performance level. Radical Fuel is scientifically and clinically proven to help lessen or even eliminate DOMS with continued use with no known side effects when taken properly.

Train harder, longer and with more intensity, Guaranteed!

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