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Leg Day? Don’t Shy Away. Condition Your Legs Using a Deck of Cards Today!

Article/Supplement Review by Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS

Whether male or female, it is known throughout the fitness industry that most people bypass leg day and or do whatever they can to avoid it altogether. Leg training is crucial for not only sports performance but for all of health and fitness. Most cardiovascular training, sprint based conditioning, and interval training are centered around using the legs. Furthermore, low back pain, as a result of poor core strength, leg strength, and hamstring flexibility, is a problem most people experience at some point in their life, especially in their latter years.

So, what is a simple yet effective training protocol to not only condition the legs, develop endurance and hypertrophy, and do so in less than thirty minutes? The answer is easy. Train legs with a deck of cards and your own body weight with four simple movements. The movements are body weight squats, split squats left and right, side lunges left and right, and reverse lunges left and right.

The workout protocol follows the suit of the cards as well as the face value of each card. A heart suited card represents body weight squats, a diamond suited card stands for split squats, which are to be performed on both legs, a club suited card stands for lateral lunges, which should be performed on both legs, and a spade suited card stands for reverse lunges, which also should be completed on both the left and right leg. All in all, 695 reps of body weight leg exercises will be performed. The workout should be performed continuously until all fifty-two cards, or the entire deck, is complete. So why wait? Shuffle your deck, warm up, review the list below, and have one of the toughest body weight leg days of your life!


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