May 9th 2017 | Recent Posts Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS

20 Minute Mothers Day Metabolic Training Protocol

Are you traveling to visit mom for Mother's Day? Are you vacationing with mom at the beach or a luxury resort? Are you going to a cabin in the woods to camp with mom to explore nature and share memories around a camp fire? Whether you are doing any of these or a planning a low key Mother's Day Sunday, what is the best gift for mom? Is the best gift flowers, a landscaping job, or a nice dinner of mom’s choice? Maybe you like to write poems for your mom or do something sweet like breakfast in bed. While all are very good options, as a performance coach, I prefer and love giving the gift of exercise! What better way to start Mother’s Day, which usually consists of a lot of caloric food and drinks, than with a great metabolic training session? What equipment do you need? All you need is your body and a stop watch or timer! Get ready, train, and have a great day with mom on Mother's Day!


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