BCAA Sample Pack (3 cups)

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  • BCAA Sample Pack (3 cups)


The New Standard of BCAA

  • Many flavors to give you options! Everyone has different flavor preferences so we made it as easy as possible to find your favorite!
  • Micronized and instantized for easily mixing into any beverage. Even water!
  • 2x Tested for purity. Every product we manufacture goes through testing, TWICE. We test the product as it comes it and right before it’s available for sale. Eurofins, one of the most prestigious testing facilities for nutraceuticals is our sole testing facility.
Reliability Meets New-age Performance.

BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids, are essential amino acids that work to re-build muscle tissue. When combined with a high-performance carbohydrate like Cluster Dextrin™, BCAA’s can enhance the metabolism of proteins and act as a catalyst for providing a trickle-feed of sustainable endurance and usable energy. This is the perfect one two combination for obtaining maximum performance.

Ingredient Breakdown

Leucine - Essential for lean tissue growth and maintenance of nitrogen balance. Leucine also concentrates in the muscle tissues, rather than in the liver and breaks down into glucose easily, thus helping to regulate blood sugar level.

Isoleucine - Needed for hemoglobin formation and is also known as an aid in wound healing and clotting; it can enhance energy levels as it stabilizes and regulates blood sugar and energy levels and can also increase endurance.

Valine - Helps stimulate the central nervous system, and is needed for proper mental functioning; it helps prevent the breakdown of muscle by supplying extra glucose for energy production during intense physical activity. Valine also helps remove potentially toxic excess nitrogen from the liver, and can transport nitrogen to other tissues in the body.

Cluster Dextrin - All serious athletes know the importance of carbohydrates. They are a primary fuel source, are needed to replace muscle glycogen and are essential for optimal performance. However, carbohydrates behave very differently depending on their properties. High molecular weight Cluster Dextrin is absorbed slowly in the body, balancing insulin secretion with lipid breakdown. This means unlike other carbohydrates that immediately halt fatty acid breakdown, your body can keep using fats for fuel even after this carbohydrate source is ingested.


*Wild Berry Supplement Facts shown.

*Max of two orders of samples  per customer. After the second order the 3rd will be automatically canceled.*

*Each order of sample cups must be a variety of flavors.*